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General FAQS

Wheel Covers Unlimited/Action Wheel & Tires is a Factory OEM wheel expert. Our sales team has over 65 years of wheel knowledge. Customer service will help answer all your question, quickly and promptly.

Yes, we primarily sell professionally refinished factory original wheels. We also carry a large selection of used wheels that are available at deep discounts.

Yes, we are constantly buying Factory OEM wheels. click here for details on getting a quote for your wheels.

All emails are reviewed by our Sales Team. They will ensure your questions or concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. Please provide as much detail as possible.

You can send us a picture click here this allows us to see your wheel finish, please give us a full description including us a much details about your year, make and model of vehicle, this will help to speed up the process faster.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheel is one that was originally installed on the vehicle at the time of your manufacture purchase.

An aftermarket wheel is designed to fit the vehicle but the appearance and performance will differ from that of the original wheel. Aftermarket wheels were not manufactured by the automobile manufacturer or were not manufactured specifically for a specific vehicle. Quality can vary widely with aftermarket wheels.

Yes, you can pick up your order directly from our facility in Windsor, Ont Please call first to ensure your order is in stock and ready for pick up. We are open Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Yes, we have a full installation department in two different locations to accommodate our customer’s needs. Please call your salesman to schedule an appointment and quote you our installation charges.

Many vehicles require new TPMS sensors to be activated or initialized at an authorized repair facility or dealership. This process involves connecting the vehicle to a service computer (via the ODB port under your dashboard) and having the new sensor’s ID codes loaded into the car’s computer. Most cars will need to have this activation service performed each time wheels and tires are changed out. However, not all vehicles require this; some vehicles will automatically load in the new sensors codes. First see if your vehicle recognizes the new sensors, if not consult your owner’s manual or contact your dealer for more information.

The size of the wheel will be stamped or cast on the inside of the wheel. You can also get the wheel size from the tire. It will be the number to the right of the “R”. Example: P245/60R18, the 18 represents the wheel size.

Exchange VS Direct Purchase Questions

An “Exchange” The exchange method provides an easy and convenient way to replace your stock wheels, for less than a direct purchase. The wheel exchange purchase option requires a “Refundable” core charge. When we receive your old wheels back, your deposit will be refunded. You must have the same style OEM Factory Wheels on your car as the ones you are purchasing. Your factory wheel finish is painted, polished, or machined. Chrome Plated and Chrome Clad wheels are not accepted. Your wheel must not have any structural or cosmetic damage. Cracked or bent wheels are accepted but will incur a repair charge. Any damage that requires repair or refinishing work in order to make the wheel available for resale will be deducted from your core deposit.

An “Direct” purchase does not require the return of your old wheels . Please note that many of our overstock sets and prior year wheel models are only available as an direct purchase option.

Order Processing Questions

Shipping times can vary from 2-5 business days. Out of stock or special order wheels will take from 7-14 days to process. Please call or email us if you need a shipping time estimate.

We primarily use Can par or Purolator Ground service. Expedited and overnight service is available at an additional cost, call us for quotes.

Contact our customer service team by phone (1.800.265.5083) and a member of our Sales Team will assist you with the damage claim and part replacement process.

Shipping & Delivery Questions

Please check the status of your order with the tracking number that was emailed to you. If the tracking update indicates the order was delivered and you did not receive a package, please call a member of our sales team at 1.800.265.5083.

In most case no, some exceptions will apply.

No, we currently only ship in Canada.

Payment, Return, And Warranty Questions

Yes, please click here to read our product guarantees.

Yes, please click here to read about our return policy.

Please click here to read about our warranty.

Please click here to review our payment options.

Core Deposits Questions

Most wheels are priced without exchange. The price of the wheel or set of wheels is based upon you returning your old wheels back to us. In short, the “core” is your old wheel. If we require a core return it will be clearly stated on the description page of your invoice. Once we receive your old wheels back your core deposit will be refunded to you upon inspection. Detailed instructions will come with your order.

Note: The shipping charge are prepaid and includes the cost of returning your wheels back to us.

Returning your core wheels is easy.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: When your wheels arrive, have them installed on your vehicle at your local automotive shop.
    Note: SAVE ALL SHIPPING BOXES AND PACKING MATERIAL! for instructions on how to generate returns labels contact our Sales Team.
  • Step 2: Place your old wheels into the original box supplied Wheel Covers Unlimited.
  • Step 3: Attached the prepaid shipping labels to each box.
  • Step 4: Drop off at any facility that accepts Can par or Purolator Ground shipments.
  • Step 5: When the wheels arrive and have been inspected, we will refund your complete deposit within 2 business days.

Requirements for core deposit refunds:

  • You have the same style wheels on your car as the ones you are purchasing.
  • Your wheel finish is painted, polished or machined. Chrome and chrome clad wheels are not accepted.
  • Your wheels must not have any damage, structural or cosmetic. Cracked or bent wheels can be returned but will incur a repair charge.
  • Any damage that requires repairs or refinishing work in order to make the wheels available for resale will be deducted for your core deposit. -All wheels must be received within 7 days of invoice date.

Refunds are processed within 48 hours of receiving the cores. You will be notified in the event of a refused or reduced credit.

If you do not return the core within 30 days of the original purchase date, the core deposit charge will not be refunded.

Wheel Repair & Refinishing Questions

The most common damage is called “curb rash”, which is the scraping of the wheel against the curb while driving or parking. Bent or cracked wheels from the result of pothole contact will require wheel straightening. Many cracks can be welded back into place by skilled aluminum welders, although not all cracks can be fixed. The wheel finish can get damaged by rocks, fading of the paint and peeling of the clear coat. The majority of wheel damage can be repaired and your wheel can be brought back to a like new condition.

Yes, we offer full service repair & refinishing services. We can repair or refinish all aluminum alloy wheels including painted, machined, polished, and hyper color wheels. For more details on our repair & refinishing services contact our Sale Team.

All of our repair and refinishing services will match the OEM specifications & color codes of the auto manufacturer. However, a newly refinished wheel will be a shade or two off from your other wheels because of age and fading from the weather. This shading difference in most cases is negligible and not noticeable.

Looking for Tires?

We carry most tire brands and are able to order them in for you.
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