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Wheel Lock Removal

Lock removals on your OEM Factory/Aftermarket Wheels can be expensive in many and we mean many cases, customers lose their wheel locking device, in a lot of cases when your car is being worked on at your preferred dealers-mechanics especially when you are having service on your brakes or getting a tire repaired they forget to put them back in your key pouch.

In other situations your wheel locks could be ceased, swollen, even over torque down to tight by your mechanics in this case we would have no choice but to break these off.

We understand your wheels/rims are expensive and you do not want any garage to damage your rims by hitting it with a hammer, torching if off and burning the inside of your wheel to the point they destroy it. Now would you?

Removing these locks is not easy, furthermore it can be very time consuming if your garage does not know what to do.

Wheel covers unlimited/Action wheel and tires has been servicing the Windsor/Essex county for well over 40 years with our trained staff on board we provide professional service that’s quick an easy.

Our process is simple and can be performed in a matter of minutes not hours while you wait.

Let the right people do the right job the right way.

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